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We can create an agenda for you today that will inspire, enable, & assist you as an individual, family, group, business, organization, coalition, or association in creating and maintaining a public relations & marketing plan designed to project a professional image and create a path of success that will allow you to expand your career in the entertainment or any other business, and commence to live your dreams.  Whatever your goals, contact us with an introduction and short commentary outlining your current status in relation to your dream.  Attach photos, and if you're a recording artist, attach a demo.  No matter how negative your situation might appear to be, it doesn't have to be.  We're ready when you are, C'mon!  Email us today:  [email protected]
There are no guarantees in life but it is pretty well established & generally accepted to be true that if you do nothing, not much will happen.  It is also true that no matter how wonderful your dream, the first thing you have to do to make it come true is to wake up.
No matter what you've failed at or how many times you might have failed to live your dream in the past, you are never too old to make your dream come true.

If you are serious, we will work with you.  If you're not, we won't.  Thank you.
"The only limits you have are those you accept."  ~ Kicking Eagle

"The cost of success is not nearly as expensive as the cost of failure."   ~Kicking Eagle
Whatever business you are in or wish to Begin, yes, we can help!
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COUNTLESS ENTERTAINERS come and go, and many have talent from God, but they don't accomplish their goals because they quit too soon. Others might have less talent... but more faith, patience, and persistence. They stay on course and sometimes reach their goal only after years of heartache, failure, and trial & error. They knew they had talent from God, and they believed they had an assignment from God. The "secret" to finding success is to not give up before you find it. ~Kicking Eagle

"Kicking Eagle International (K.E.I.) has been working on creative paths to assist & encourage independent artists that wish to remain in control of their career, but are not familiar with creative artist development and marketing strategies. We are considering applications from unsigned artists that realize they need assistance. Whether you are a seasoned artist between labels or you are brand new to the business, with a dream, we can provide assistance that will fit within your personal budget. We can work with you if you have a positive & cooperative attitude and present a professional image, both on and offstage."

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