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"Yesterday is like the rearview mirror in your car.  If you spend too much time looking at it, you'll wreck today" ~ Kicking Eagle
"Use caution when dealing with the young and the little, you never know when you might be stepping on a giant of an oak." ~ Kicking Eagle
"God's light is available to shine on anyone, anywhere, any time, but seems to shine most often on those that visit with Him most often." ~ Kicking Eagle
 "You had nothing to do with who you were when born, but everything to do with who you become before you leave!"  ~ Kicking Eagle

"It is wise to have a plan & be flexible like a tree in the wind, but don't tell
everyone; Just put it in motion & show the world." ~Kicking Eagle

“I learned long ago that 'try' doesn't get it done. What gets it done is
doing it... until it is done.” ~ Kicking Eagle
"We Fly Where Eagles Dare"
Kicking Eagle
Kicking Eagle founded K.E.I., Eagle Media Group, Countrybandstand,  World Rockabilly Coalition, & Universal PR.   He is an author, poet,  songwriter, philosopher, motivational speaker & promoter.
Ican Eagle
Ican Eagle is a spirit introduced to the world along with K.E. in the book, "The Legend Begins", currently entering the 11th printing.  Ican has appeared in 5 other books by K.E. and another scheduled to be released soon in 2019.  
Grace Miles
Grace Miles created the visual communications & design department at K.E.I., Dallas and has acted as General Manager at K.E.I.  United Kingdom for more than three years.

Smith Sisters Bluegrass, aka Kelli Lewis & Wendi Kilman, are wrapping up another project in the studio and will have a new single released soon.  Go to their page at Countrybandstand.com for forthcoming information and the release date. 

All radio stations are urged to contact us to be sure that you receive the song before the official release date.  Meanwhile, the Smith Sisters Bluegrass are available for interview during their ongoing Radio Tour.  Email us now to arrange interviews before or after the release date.  [email protected] Thank You.  ~ Cindy, Public Relations


The 1st full length album is coming soon from One Ugly Cowboy.  They set the standard onstage & on the air.  You can go to the ONE UGLY COWBOY link at Countrybandstand.com for more info & videos..  "OUC" is also currently featured on the Wall Of Fame page at the website.

"OUC" sets the example for all bands, on and off-stage.

BIRDLEGG has toured the world for more than 40 years playing Country and Blues music.  "Country 'n' Blues" is an album project scheduled to be released in 2019.  Go to Countrybandstand.com and click on the "Birdlegg" link.  He will be on tour in Mexico City in April, and from there will be going to Spain.  The release date of the forthcoming single will be announced.


TG Sheppard has charted 21, #1 songs and with the release of his first single in more than 20 years, on January 8, 2019, "I WANNA LIVE LIKE ELVIS" is being played on the air, worldwide.  It is available at all digital outlets.  TThe single is now being played worldwide.

KELLI LEWIS & WENDI KILMAN, recorded as Smith Sisters Bluegrass...  will soon release an EP, "With Love"...  with six new songs incluced.   Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.   Shh, don't tell anyone yet, let's surprise them.

KICKING EAGLE first released the book, 'The Legend Begins!' at the State Fair Of Texas in 1994 and has since traveled the country on tour, speaking in hundreds of cities with book signings, motivational seminars, radio & television talk shows, and special appearances.  The book is entering the 11th printing and has been read around the world by people of all ages, cultures, backgrounds, and beliefs.  The story is often referred to as fiction, but the book is filled with history, universal truths, confidence, common sense, patriotism,  traditional values & integrity.  Published by Kicking Eagle Press, and timeless with a universal message, the book has brought many honors to Eagle.  He has been appointed as the Ambassador of Indian Nations & Intertribal Coalitions,  and  has received the Keys To The City  of Youngstown, Ohio  & of Monticello, Kentucky.  Kicking Eagle books are published by The Kicking Eagle Press.  Contact: Cindy, Public Relations, email: [email protected]